Fried Chicken Catering & Carry Out

Here at Hodak’s we pride ourselves on our amazing dine-in experience, but we also offer carry out as well! Whether it’s for lunch or for dinner, we can accommodate your fried chicken catering or carry-out needs.

Have a party or corporate event that needs fried chicken catering? We can take care of all of your catering needs. Our extensive menu is perfect for groups small or large, and our bulk pricing allows for complete customization of your order. Let us know how we can help cater your event!

We offer bulk pricing for large orders, and can customize your order to fit your needs. Call us for catering today!

Hodaks Bulk Menu to Print

Hodaks chic pik a pak print menu

Chic Pik a Pak

Assorted chicken with a dozen rolls and your choice of three quart-sized sides.

20 Piece………..$45.60

24 Piece………..$52.20

28 Piece………..$58.80

32 Piece………..$65.40

36 Piece………..$72.00

40 Piece………..$78.60

Slaw, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Beans,
Potato Salad, Vegetables, Mac & Cheese

Bulk Rates

Hodak’s Famous Fried Chicken

50 Pieces — $69.00

100 Pieces — $138.00

150 Pieces — $207.00

Whole Wings 50 Pieces — $78.00

Whole Wings 100 Pieces — $156.00

Appetizer Wings 50 Pieces $39.00      Appetizer Wings 100 Pieces $78.00

Hodak’s Wings, Momma’s Sticky Wings, Amaya’s Seasoned Wings

Sammie’s Hot Wings, & BBQ Wings

Bulk Appetizers

Appetizer Wings 50 Pieces — $39.00

Chicken Strips (10lbs) — $71.00

Toasted Ravioli (100pc) — $41.00

Jalapeno Poppers (100pc) — $59.00

Mini Tacos (100pc) — $48.00

Cheese Sticks (100pc) — $62.00

Potato Skins (30pc) — $24.00

Onion Rings (full pan) — $30.00

French Fries — $15.00

Bulk Sides

Sides by the Gallon — $15.00

Mashed Potatoes, Potato Salad, Baked Beans,

Vegetable, Mac & Cheese, Slaw

Salad (full pan) — $39.00

Mostaccioli (full pan) — $62.00

Rolls (Dozen) — $2.50


Whole Pies — $12.00

Whole Sugar Free Pies — $13.00

Whole Cheesecake — $28.00

Whole Cheesecake w/ Strawberries — $32.00

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