Our appetizers include some of the best hot wings you’ll find in St. Louis with a few other deep fried delicacies! If you’re looking to try a crowd favorite, we definitely suggest ordering some of our freshly breaded mushrooms before you dig into our famous fried chicken.


  • A St. Louis Favorite - Hodak's Chicken Wings

Hodak’s Chicken Wings

$7.50 Hodak's Chicken Wings   [...]

  • Seasoned Chicken Wings

Amaya’s Seasoned Wings

$7.50 Amaya's Seasoned Chicken Wings     These 10 [...]

  • Sticky Wings by Hodak's

Momma’s Sticky Chicken Wings

$7.50 Momma's Sticky Chicken Wings   We know great [...]

  • Best Hot Wings in St. Louis Sammies Hot Wings

Sammie’s Hot Wings

$7.50 Sammie's Hot Wings     10 chicken wings [...]

  • BBQ Wings from Hodak's

Hodak’s BBQ Wings

$7.50 BBQ Chicken Wings   10 wings are breaded, [...]

  • Chicken Strips as and Appetizers

Hodak’s Chicken Strips

$6.35   Chicken Strips Five generous planks [...]

  • Mini Tacos

Mini Tacos

$6.35   Mini Tacos 10 Mini Tacos [...]

  • Loaded Potato Skins at Hodak's

Potato Skins

$6.35   Potato Skins Six potato skins [...]

  • Toasted Ravioli

Toasted Ravioli

$6.35   Toasted Ravioli The appetizer that [...]

  • Cheese Sticks

Cheese Sticks

$6.35   Cheese Sticks Creamy whole-milk mozzarella [...]

  • Jalapeno Poppers

Stuffed Jalapenos

$6.35   Stuffed Jalapenos Nine spicy jalapenos [...]

  • Freshly Breaded Mushrooms

Freshly Breaded Mushrooms

$6.35   Freshly Breaded Mushrooms Bite into [...]

  • Breaded Okra

Breaded Okra

$6.35   Fried Okra A Southern specialty. [...]

Wing Appetizers Also Available as a Dinner

$9.50   Served with french fries and slaw     [...]